KPMG Grand Slam Cup 2013

Take a glass court, the building with the largest glassfacade in Europe, which is already an architectural icon, and the four best squash players in the world - the result, an extraordinary event experience.

KPMG GRAND SLAM CUP presents one of the fastest and most spectacular sports in the world and the best players, all in a breathtaking atmosphere. THE SQUAIRE, the building with the largest glass facade, and the largest atrium in Europe, provides an exceptional

location for this extraordinary event, delighting thousands of visitors and commuters as well as the guests of tournament sponsors and partners. Activities such as matches between VIP guests and the squash stars, amateur competitions, squash with schools and clubs clinics, and much more will be offered during the days leading up to the main event.

In the tradition of Boston’s successful Showdown@Symphony series, a customized glass court will be specially produced for KPMG GRAND SLAM CUP, and erected in the largest atrium of THE SQUAIRE, creating the newest arena for the greatest champions in squash. The special one way viewing properties of the glass in the court enable the players to compete under perfect conditions while permitting the audience clear visibility from all sides. Exclusive tables with individual seats, continuous hospitality service, and a world class sporting atmosphere ensure an unforgettable high quality experience for guests of tournament sponsors and partners.

Outside the “arena” the Sponsor & Lifestyle Village will provide tournament sponsors and partners with the opportunity to present themselves to all event visitors and thousands of passengers of the Frankfurt Airport, as well as daily commuters at THE SQUAIRE.

All in all, the “arena” will be in place for four full days with several activities leading up to the main event, the KPMG GRAND SLAM CUP.