Buzz Aldrin


Dr. Edwin ″Buzz″ Aldrin, astronaut of the legendary moon-landing mission Apollo 11, is one of the boldest discoverers and space pioneers of all time. When the Apollo 11 lunar module ″the Eagle″ touched down safely on the surface of the moon, the pilot Buzz Aldrin finished the greatest mission of NASA history. It was probably one of the most important achievements in the 20th century. More than 600 million people witnessed the event all over the world.

Since his moon landing, the former jet pilot continued to promote the development of manned space traveling. With his rocket-design company Starcraft Boosters, Inc. and the Share Space Foundation, Dr. Buzz Aldrin is trying to advance space tourism and wants to make space travel accessible to everyone.

Audiences all over the world are thrilled by the fascinating speeches of Buzz Aldrin. His main statement is to reach for the stars in all aspects of life.

Time Magazine calls him “the man that will send you to space”. Forbes Magazine says “he is the astronaut that reaches for the stars with his foundation”.  Ultimately everyone agrees to this: Dr. Buzz Aldrin is a living legend!